Deaf Bonce DB-W80
Deaf Bonce DB-W80
Deaf Bonce DB-W80

Deaf Bonce DB-W80

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The incredible power of sound! Deaf Bonce DB-W80 – heavy duty speaker designed for incredibly loud 3-way systems. Speaker features a massive and very powerful magnetic system, thanks to which managed to achieve really high output in the range of 50-1000 Hz. Despite the unusually huge 3 inch voice coil for this type of speaker, was able to achieve the necessary balance between the lightness of the speaker's moving mass and efficiency of its magnetic system. This speaker will give you very deep and succulent sound in the midbass range.

Model DB-W80 8 Ohm / DB-W80 4 Ohm
Type Midbass
Size 8 inch
Frequency response 50 - 1000 Hz
Package quantity 1 Pc
Voice coil size 3.00 inch
Cone Paper
Magnet Ferrite
Surround Cloth
RMS Power 250 W
MAX Power 500 W
Frame Alu
Impedance 8 / 4 Ohm
SPL 92.70 / 92.70 dB
Fs 51.00 / 51.00 Hz
Mounting depth 3.54 inch
Cut-out dimension 7.36 inch