DB-3000/3500/4500 (2400 - 4000 RMS)

New DB 3000, 3500 and 4500 series is an upgrade to our legendary championship line of subwoofers from Deaf Bonce, thanks to which our team set dozens of national and several world records. The upgraded version absorbed all of the best of its predecessors, also it has an incredible overload capacity and reliability, at the same time, thanks to the use of more advanced technologies and materials and it will help to achieve even greater results in most severe conditions at the competition grounds!

One of the main features of this series is that all subwoofer models are equipped with ultra-durable Japanese voice coils covered with unique heat-resistant coating that effectively dissipates heat from voce coil surface, which made it possible to increase the operating temperature of the voice coil up to 320°C (620°F).

DB 3500 is available in 12" and 15" sizes its differs from the older version, first of all, with an enlarged motor and a larger size voice coil of 3.5" wound with 4-layers of flat aluminum wire, which allows stable operation of the subwoofer at power up to 3000 watts of clean signal. Another feature of the 3500 and 4500 series subwoofers is that they are all equipped with a two-layer carbon-kevlar cone, its upper layer is made of carbon fiber, giving maximum lightness and durability to it, and the lower Kevlar layer provides additional rigidity and completely eliminates possibility of short-circuiting signal wires of the voice coil to the cone.

DB 4500 - uncompromising record setting machines, our heavy artillery! Thanks to a huge motor, together with a voice coil of 4.5" wound with 4-layers of flat aluminum wire, subwoofers have high overload capacity and are ready to work continuously at transcendent power varied from 4000 watts in everyday musical systems and up to an incredible 25 000 watts of short-term power in competition audio systems. Due to the impressive size of the motor, subwoofers are available only in 15" and 18" sizes.

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