DB-SA250/270/300 (1000-2000 RMS)

Each of the subwoofers in this series has a modern Japanese voice coil, a distinctive feature of which is a unique coating that dissipates heat from the surface, thereby protecting it from overheating. Tests have shown that this series of subwoofers can withstand up to 320 degrees Celsius for long-term use. The diameter of the coils is 2.5, 2.75 and 3 inches for the SA250, SA270 and SA300 series, accordingly. Another distinctive feature is an incredibly durable die-cast frame with excellent aerodynamics and unique design.

This is not a common OEM solution, the frame is designed specifically for the new Apocalypse series subwoofers. A large heat dissipation area of the moving system and an efficient ventilation system increases circulating air volume while maintaining a large frame surface area, which allows much more efficient heat dissipation and prevents overheating.

Also, all subwoofers of this line have a powerful motor - nominal power of 1000W in SA250, 1500W in SA270 and 2000W in SA300 is proof of this. The sound deserves special mention – a dense, fleshy bass, thanks to which the subwoofers of this series can be used not only at competitions, but also in everyday use audio systems. With a light and rigid moving system, these models will play any musical tracks and give you an unforgettable experience.

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